Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting It Wrong

I love to watch the weather every evening. And usually they are pretty accurate. One of the local station offers a 3 degree guarantee- that if they were not within 3 degrees of the actual high for the day, they will give someone something...
Anyway, I watched the forecast yesterday early evening. The word HOT was listed on today. High of 95 with a heat index of 106. Yikes. Wow. I passed that information on to someone a few moments after I saw the report. They did predict rain in the forecast and well, it rained.
This morning however I saw the "updated" forecast. High of 85, cloudy and humid. What happened to the 95, heat index of 106??????
Oh, things changed. The circumstances that would lead to the high have changed and so we provide you with an "updated" forecast.
It seems to me that long range forecasts are not all that accurate. It's a guessing game out there. Now, there are some very smart people out there guessing. They have the best technology available.
We all make mistakes. And most of our mistakes are in private and we don't share our mistakes because none of us want to admit failure. (sorry, except the one person out there who likes to be that person that says, "youre wrong, I admit all my failures)
Anyway, we get things wrong alot. And you know, it's ok to make mistakes. If you make a mistake, hopefully you learned from it and won't make it again. We get it wrong a lot and I mean a lot of the time. The best we can do is try and remain faithful. Try and do our best. Place ourselves in the best circumstances possible for success. There is a path or a road we can take that leads to success, happiness and increases our faith and yet, many of us avoid that way because it's too steep a hill climb.
I often see reports of the end times and predictions about when Christ will come back. Here is what Jesus says, "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour."
I think the best advice is to stay alert and keep watch. It's when we stop paying attention and become distracted that mistakes are made.
Go in peace and go with God.

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