Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beta or Prime Time

Yesterday Google announced that Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk all have left their Beta testing and are ready for "prime time". Beta basically means that software is not ready to be fully launched because they are still testing it, trying to figure out the potential problems or bugs before the "official" launch.
Now gmail has been around for five years, and it still had the Beta tag. Most beta tests last around six months. Companies want to get their product out there as soon as it is ready.
I know some of you probably don't use gmail, google calendar, google docs or google talk, but I know that all of you have used, and I am 99% sure you have googled yourself.
When people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior they become a new creation. That new creation has sin washed away, the slate is clean, and they have found new direction and purpose in their life. Being new sometimes means the passion is high and the spiritual depth is low. They have years of growing in God's grace ahead of them and as they draw closer to God their eyes are opening to new possibilities and opportunities.
Sadly, many Christians never get much further past that initial first six months as a Christan mentality. They are still in their Beta version. Not ready for prime time, so they feel. They are afraid to share their faith story and if you ask them to invite someone to church some will say they just would not know how to do that...not wanting to impose upon their friends and family.
So I ask today, are you in your Beta walk with God or have you become a prime time player?
Are you on the bench with the JV, or are you ready to play Varsity?
Friends, believe me, I know it's hard to "evangelize" or invite someone to church but it is ingrained deeply in who we are as Christians. We are called to plant seeds, love God, love our neighbor, help the poor and yet, we think someone else will help or someone else will go. Today I challenge you to share your faith story with somebody. Push yourself beyond your fear and reach out. Pray that God will guide you and lead you so that your words will be salted with God's grace.
And go ahead and google yourself. Who knows what you might find.
Go in peace and go with God.

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