Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trusting Others

The other day I was driving home from work and something strange happened. I was following a vehicle on a two lane road and in the distance there was an SUV driving down the road in our lane. It was headed right for us. The vehicle in front of me slowed, as did I. We watched as this person continued in the wrong lane heading straight for us. My heart leapt. A million things ran through my mind. What if this person doesn't move back to their lane? Is there something wrong with them? The person in front of me and I both stopped on the road. I thought about pulling over, but then, about 100 yards in front of us, he moved back into his lane and passed us without even acknowledging us there. It was a man and woman, with the man driving. No visible cell phone in hand, no distractions. The road does narrow a bit through there, but not enough to warrant pulling into oncoming traffic.
Many of us go through life trusting that others will abide by the law. They will stay on their side of the road. So when someone does not, many of our reactions can be shock and fear. I was personally not prepared for someone driving in my lane. I don't know if you can ever be prepared for it. But I guess that I would say that slowing down was a good idea. Waiting to see what the other person is going to do before they get too close was probably a good idea.
I know some who might advocate for jamming on the gas and driving as fast as you can at that other person to make them move, but that is not my style and I don't think that always works.
Next time you have a big decision that requires a reaction, if you can, take some time and weigh all the options. Talk to some others. If it requires immediate attention, pray that you make the right decision.
Go in peace and go with God.

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