Thursday, June 25, 2009

Staying Connected

Our world allows us to stay amazingly connected these days. Technology has advanced in such a way as to let us "be there" for others that are far away. The question arises, "Can you have a "real" relationship online?" And what is real?
Our lives are made up of moments, concrete moments, to steal a line from process theology.
These moments are defining for us. The challenge us. The bend us, and sometimes break us.
At our core is supposed to be a strong and faithful relationship with Jesus Christ. When the storms come we find shelter in God. We are given much to weather the storm. Many of us assume that the purpose of our lives is to live a long, full and happy life. I think that assumption is a false one.
My purpose should be to serve God. To follow God. To love God and neighbor. My purpose has very little to do with my own needs and desires.
I hope that all strive to have a healthy relationship with God. If we are not connected to God, then how can we stay healthy.
Some think that going to church keeps you connected. In some ways it does. But coming to church once a week does not make you a Christian anymore than going to a Broadway play makes you an actor.
If you go to watch a Royals game and sit in the stands, I hope you would not suggest that you are a member of the "team", and the coach just didn't call on you to play third base because they didn't "need" you that day.
Friends, please, consider what you stay connected to and who you are connected to in this world. Our connections can lead to great joy and faithfulness, and they can also lead to destruction and sadness.
Go in peace and go with God.

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