Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hiding In Plain Sight

This little guy was hiding in our garden the other day. He was nestled close up against a potato plant. His little brother had been in that part of the garden earlier in the week so I was actually looking for him when I came upon this little one. I took a step into the garden and he did not move, he did not jump, this little bunny just sat there...shivering. He was a bit scared. He was worried that he might be found out. I quickly grabbed our camera and took a few shots of him. I'm actually about 15 ft away from him in this picture.
Yes, he is cute and he probably should have had the sense to run because a certain puppy named Rheau chased him from the safety of his hiding place, in plain sight.
He really was rather easy to see. He was right there. He thought that he could remain hidden, but could not. Lots of us hide in plain sight. It happens. We struggle, we fail and then we hide the failure until it's found out. The interesting thing about failures...well, the fear of what will happen is often worse that what happens. If you have made a mistake, hurt some one's feelings, or done something that is eating at you...maybe, just maybe you should apologize to that person and seek God's forgiveness. It's available, He is there. Go to Him. Speak to Him. Go on bended knee and pray. Find direction, hope and peace again.
Stop hiding in plain sight. Go in peace and go with God.

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