Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Death of Neda Soltan

As some of you have probably seen and heard, there was a young Muslim woman shot in Iran this past week, following the national elections. She was shot by agents of the government trying to stop the protesting. Here is what I pieced together about her.

Her name was Neda.

She was 27 years old.

She was philosophy student.

She had a fiance.

The video shows her peacefully protesting the outcome of the democratic elections in her country. There were some others who were causing lots of problems. But the video before shows her standing with her father or a professor just watching. Peacefully protesting. The graphic video of her death is tragic. At first I thought this could possibly be a hoax, but sadly I fear that it is not.

It has been reported that the people who shot her were Basij, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. They did so to stop the protests.

The protests have slowed a bit after brutal force was used over the past few days.

Iranians leaders denied her a memorial service in a Mosque, they do not dispute this. Now they are threatening the life of her family so some are reporting. They are trying to erase any memory of a young woman who stood up for what she believed in, so some are reporting. She has become a symbol, a martyr for a country that has a majority population of people under 40. I pray for her family. I pray for her friends. And I pray for her country during a time of transition and struggle. I don't usually comment on politics or the goings on in other nations but for some reason this story stuck with me these past few days.

Imagine a place where when someone dies for standing up for the their beliefs and then is denied a service in their house of worship.

Imagine a place where they young are not heard.

Imagine a place where access to information through the internet is censored and blocked.

Imagine a place where democracy is said to have occurred, and yet now reports are coming out that there was possibly 3 million ballots cast that were fraudulent.

She was denied a memorial service by the religious leaders so she would not become a martyr.

May God bless those who find themselves in situations of injustice and suffering. May God call us out of a place lethargy and selfishness so that we might too stand up for the oppressed, the lost and the hurting. Stand with others in the global community who seek to bring about positive change through peace.
I pray.
I weep.
I am a Christian and my heart goes out to my Muslim sister and her family.

Go in peace and go with God.

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