Monday, May 11, 2009

Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Every now and then I hit every green light and all seems right with the world. I take 150 over to Johnson country, which then turns in the 135th st. There are traffic signals all along there and for some reason I usually hit the green ones and just keep on moving. But today that did not happen. It took what seemed like hours to get where I was going. It really isn't that difficult to get around Lee's Summit, unless you are in a hurry. It's as if we have designed a town that if ever invaded by some far off foe on horseback, they would have to ask directions. Lee's Summit is a great town to live in, to raise you children in and to serve as a pastor. But when I am in a hurry, it does seem so great. Not sure why I get in a hurry. Probably some need I have to get someplace at an appointed time. I usually leave with plenty of time to get some place, but not always. So today, I hit every red traffic signal. And I mean, EVERY ONE. I was stopped by every light that I encountered. I know that those signals are set with a specific algorithm and they are not against me but today, I honestly believe that I found the path here that if taken at the proper time, you will hit every red light. And to make matters so much more enjoyable, a national Christian station decided to play the same song twice in a row! I'm not kidding. So I switched over to local programming and heard how terrible the defensive "unit" on the Chiefs used to be and how with a new defense coordinator, blah blah blah. I am not an impatient person. I usually enjoy the ride but today it took forever to get across town. I was starting to get agitated. And then I saw it. Someone else was taking a ride across town too. But they were not driving, they were riding in the back. Several cars followed in a slow procession. This would be the last time they ever took a drive across town.
Go in peace and go with God.

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