Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mama Birds and Storms

Yesterday we had one loud and blustery storm. The wind blew for several hours. There was a considerable amount of lightening. And then the rain came. The trees seemed to never stop blowing and no tornadoes. We were very fortunate. Earlier in the day I had noticed a nest in one of the cedar trees, very close to the deck. I stood on the deck and took a picture of a mama bird sitting on her nest. Throughout the day she flew away to find food. I too a look and saw a few small feathers. Baby birds.

During the storm that mama bird hung on to that nest and did not move. She hung on while the branches swayed. She hung on while the rain came beating down. She clung to the nest and kept her little birds safe while the 40 mph winds blew.
This morning, she is still sitting there, keeping her babies warm.
What do you so preciously protect in your life?
Your family? Your kids? Your marriage? Your faith? Your job?
Know what is important in your life. Know it and live it.
Go in peace and go with God.

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