Monday, May 4, 2009

A Full Tank of Gas

This morning I left for work with a full tank of gas in the truck. I filled up yesterday and washed my truck. When I was younger a full tank of gas was a bit of a symbol for me. It meant the potential to go somewhere...not just around the corner or to work. I could go for miles. Currently, in my truck I can go around 600 miles. My old Camaro from high school, maybe half of that if I was lucky. These days with gas prices down it's easier to keep the tank full. Although, with the pace of life sometimes stopping at the gas station is just not in the time frame. So every now and then when the gas tank gets low my truck beeps at me. It's a several second beep that alerts me to when the tank is low and my truck is about ready to give out. I wish our lives were like that sometimes. When you are running on empty and feeling burned out it would be nice if there was a beep or an alert that would go off. Unfortunately, those beeps or alerts come in our actions that indicate that we are running on empty. We make mistakes when we are burned out and sometimes we don't treat others well. If you are running low please refill the tank. Refuel. Some ways to do that are REST, prayer, good food, exercise and reading. Don't let the world keep you on a treadmill. Step off and recenter your life. Go in peace and go with God.

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