Monday, May 18, 2009

Being Afraid- Dealing With Fear

What are you afraid of? Spiders? Snakes? The Dark? Maybe you are afraid of something impending in your life. Most people don't go one day without experiencing some form of fear, or fears jerk of a cousin- worry. Fear and worry go hand in hand. When they get together, life can really turn into a rather messy and fussy affair. Our puppy Rheau every now and then is a little afraid of the mama birds in the back yard. They dive bomb her and run her back into the house. She then sits at the window and watches them. Every few days one of them dive bombs her while she sits in the window and BAM! The bird flies into the window, hits the ground, dusts itself off and flies away. A victory for our poor little puppy Rheau. Rheau sometimes looks like she is smiling after they fly away.
But fear and worry can immobilize some of us. We worry and then we are scared. So fear grips ups. Worry grips us. The Bible says that "perfect love drives out fear." That perfect love for me is the wholistic and unconditional love of God. When I come upon fear and worry in my own life I again have to remind myself of God's unwavering love. We are also supposed to put our whole trust in Him. If I trust God, all God's love to fully fill my heart- then why should I be afraid? Why should I be worried? If you are facing something big right now in your life, you are probably not alone. Please allow God's joy, comfort and peace to wash over you and know that nothing you are facing can defeat you or will it declare victory over you. Go in peace and go with God.

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