Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Edge

Every day is a gift from God. A young man stated to an older gentleman once that "It's going to be a nice day today." The older gentleman replied, "Every day I continue to live on this earth is a nice day."
What a blessing. What a perspective. Sadly too many of us are so wrapped up in the drama in our lives we are unable to proclaim today a nice day, a good day, a great day! On my way to church yesterday a woman tailgated me from Raintree lake to the church. I drive a Ford F150 4x4. The truck sits kinda high and when I look in the rearview mirror and can't see your headlights, you are probably too close. I tried to slow down to let her pass but she did not. I drove the speed limit the whole way as I usually do as I drive from Raintree through Greenwood, up Ranson (Todd George) and then turn on the outer road. She stayed close behind and after the accident last year I am very aware of who is behind me and what they are doing. Thankfully she was not distracted by a cellphone, but she continued to follow way too close. As I turned onto Church st. from the outer road she tried to pass me on the right? Yes, true, I drove down to our second entrance and was getting ready to turn right into the church parking lot and she tried to pass on the right. I came to a near stop not wanting her to hit me. Finally she slowed and noticed my blinker on. She stopped and I drove into the church parking lot.
I don't know who she was or what she thought she was doing but I felt a bit on edge on the whole drive up here.
It's tough sometimes to proclaim a nice day when other people put you on edge. It might be your family, friends, coworkers or maybe even a neighbor.
Within ten minutes of being at church I completely forgot the incident until I was back on the same road this morning. For many of us we have been down that road before...a road that has been traveled that brings apprehension, stress and worry. Today is going to be an absolutely beautiful day. Proclaim that gift today. And please don't let other folks who, are not paying attention or who are bothering you, ruin your beautiful day. Every day is a gift from God.
Go in peace and go with God.

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