Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ministry and Mission

Ministry and mission are two rather vague words. They have numerous meanings to numerous people. If you asked 20 United Methodist pastors to define those two terms, you would probably have 20 different answers...or 40 ;0)
I guess I have come to understand ministry to be serving those inside the body of Christ.
Mission would be serving those outside the body of Christ. The difficult becomes some of us have been on "mission" trips doing manual labor and we call that mission.
Other churches call mission evangelism. The Blues Brothers were on a "mission from Gaaaaawd".
And who ministers? Just the pastor?
I heard a great view on this the other day. If the pastor is the shepherd of the sheep what is their role? Well, they take care of the sheep, make sure they are fed, find shelter and make sure they are healthy. Is the shepherd supposed to go find more sheep? No, not their role. The sheep make more sheep.
Interesting thoughts.
And then there is mission. Are you on a mission or are you a mission? Do you serve others or do you want or need to be served?
Thought for today is this- Where is God leading you into ministry and mission? If you have accepted Christ then you need to be plugged in somewhere. Go in peace and go with God.

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