Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday

Western Church Scripture- John 13:1-15 (foot washing)
Eastern Church Scripture- John 13-18:1 (foot washing, etc.)
Today at Grace we will gather together and share in the Last Supper experience. We celebrate Holy Communion. As has become our custom, we offer a Living Last Supper. The 12 Apostles gather around the table with Jesus. We remember His words, "One of you will betray me". The disciples step out of the scene and share their thoughts and fears. "Is it I?" they ask. They wonder if they will be the one to betray Jesus.
Many churches gather this day and do foot washing or celebrate Holy Communion. In 1996 I was in Winfield Kansas at First United Methodist Church as the pastoral ministry intern. The Rev. Rick Frisbie has been leading FUMC for several years and they had developed a tradition of presenting the Living Last Supper on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Holy Week. It was packed every night. That year I played James the Lesser. Since then I have experienced numerous Maundy Thursday experience, each with their own special meaning. But I continue to turn back to the Last Supper painting of the disciples frozen in time wondering if they were the betrayer. Join us this evening if you desire a profound and moving worship experience.

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