Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Wednesday

Western Church-Matthew 26:14-25 (Judas plots to betray Jesus) also known as Spy Wednesday.
Eastern Church- John 12:17-50 (Jesus predicts his death)
So today used to be known, and by some, is still known as Spy Wednesday of Holy Week. Why? Because the focus the day before the Last Supper is Judas, the betrayer. The spy. Judas goes to the religious leaders who do not like this Jesus, a person who by their standards is stirring the people up and speaking against many of them and their beliefs/standards/rules, and offers his willingness to betray Jesus. Around the person of Judas little is known. But his name continues even to this century to mean betrayer. Why did Judas do what he did? Some say he had to so that Jesus would be arrested, crucified, die and be resurrected. Others surmise that Jesus did not turn out to be the person that Judas thought he was. A worldly king that would re-initiate a Davidic kingship. And still others think that Judas was trying to force Jesus to reveal himself as the son of God and with great power take the throne of Israel. There is lots of speculation.
For me, Judas is a person who has really two sides. He was friends with Jesus, called by Jesus and even though the Gospel writers really slam him, he was an Apostle. After everything transpires, one account shows him hang himself, possibly in disgust over what has happened. He is a sympathetic figure, the outsider, the only non-Galilean and the betrayer, who betrayed the son of God, the messiah, the savior of humanity with a kiss. He will be forever known as the betrayer though. No matter how much people speculate about his motives, we know that his actions were that of a betrayer. He betrayed his friend, his teacher, a prophet, healer, miracle worker and ultimately, the Savior. We all have a choice in how we conduct ourselves. On this Holy (Spy) Wednesday, is there a place in your life that you are ashamed? Have you ever done something to someone else to make them feel betrayed? This day, seek a deeper connection to God and search for peace from that shame. Go in peace and go with God.

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