Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Monday!

That's right, churches all of the country have given their staff the day off because it's the Monday after Easter. Not us, we are all at church today working diligently to determine the next big step at Grace. Yesterday we finished the "It's Time to Grow" spiritual and stewardship campaign to help build Grace a permanent sanctuary. We had partnered with RSI and The Rev. Dustin Cooper as our consultant. We could not be more happy with their program and Dustin. They did such an amazing job helping us prepare for the campaign and we thank them!
This next Sunday we will announce the first fruit (campaign offering) total, our pledge total (it keeps going up) and to the total offering for Easter. I said this past Sunday that this would be the largest single offering in the history of Grace UMC and after hearing the preliminary numbers I think that statement will be proved true!!! Amen and thank you to everyone who helped with the campaign, thanks to everyone who pledged and made their first fruits gift.
May God continue to bless Grace as we faithfully follow His vision.

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