Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happiest Places to Live in the US

I recently read an article about the happiest states in the US. I wonder what state is the happiest? Well you didn't guess it, it's Nebraska. The criteria they used is very interesting. They didn't survey how people feel about living in their state, and they didn't survey the benefits that people receive, no, this study was based on money. The Happiness Index is about fiscal happiness. Not personal, spiritual or relationships. It's about money. We all know that money leads to happiness....alright, no it does not. Or maybe not having it leads to saddness? They used several different criteria to figure out the Happiness Index.
1. Unemployment rate
2. Non-mortgage debt
3. Number of foreclosures
Read the full article here.
Rounding out the Top 5 #1 Nebraska, #2 Iowa, #3 Kansas (go Jayhawks), #4 Hawaii, #5 Louisiana.
Now here is where it becomes quite interesting for me. Where are the worst and most unhappiest places to live?
#47 Rhode Island
#48 Nevada
#49 California
#50 Florida
#51 Oregon
Yes, there are only 50 states but they included District of Columbia (Washington DC) -#31.
Missouri was ranked #19. Not bad.
One of the writers of the article said this:
"I think that on the coasts — In New York and California — we have a lot of people living beyond their means. But in the Midwest that's often not the case," said general manager Harleen Kahlon. "Maybe the take-away is that living large is not the answer."
So people in the Midwest might listen to Dave Ramsey before they would listen to Bernie Madoff. I have always believed that happiness or joy comes from my relationships, especially with God. Of course, the things of this world can put great stress on relationships, etc. Sin fits into the picture somewhere too. I guess I will say that I choose to live a joyful life whether I have lots of debt or not. I know that having lots of debt makes doing things in this world that you want to do, or having things you want to have more difficult. But it should not make you an unhappy person.
Dave Ramsey often quotes Proverbs 22:7 -The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. I guess that if you are struggling to make ends meet, life is very stressful, and worrisome. If you have lost your job then it's pretty easy to become frustrated and upset. But you cannot let it take your happiness and joy. Being unhappy, angry and frustrated gets us very little in life. If you are struggling, talk to a friend and try and find a way out of your misery. If you need help, call your pastor or church. Please don't just stay unhappy and sad. There is a way out. We all know people who have made it through their tough times. Go in peace and go with God.

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