Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebration, Success and Wins

We are on a winning streak. Well, aren't we? Grace has seen some absolutely miraculous and amazing things happen in the past few years. We took a leap of faith and moved forward on God's vision for Grace and on Easter we received the largest offering in the history of Grace. Most of that offering was designated for our new sanctuary. WOW. I thought these were the worst economic times possibly ever?
Also, in a society and culture that celebrates speed, champions the short-term temporality of friendships and connection, we witnesses 20 confirmands spend 34 weeks learning about Christianity, the church and God.
This past Sunday, 31 people joined Grace!!! That has to be a record for us.
20 confirmands and 11 adults.
Church, it's time to rejoice and celebrate. We are on a winning streak because we have chosen to be faithful and faithfilled followers of Jesus Christ. We have worked diligently to see God's vision fulfilled! Praise God and thanks be to God.
Great job everyone. Amen.

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