Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Warming Up- Catch Your Breath

The forecasters in the area say there is a warming trend coming. It's from the southwest and we might reach 70 degrees on Thursday. That is blessed news to those of us who are ready for spring. As the sun warms the earth things begin to grow again. The drab and dreary looking grass turns a beautiful shade of green. Greenhouses start to grow their plants for the spring sales, and late spring/summer gardens. Hopefully a few March showers will help this process along. But of course, the forecasters are also talking about some bad weather in a few weeks. Maybe a few snow storms to remind us winter is not over. In my own spiritual walk, I begin to grow and get ahead and then inevitably there is a set back. Something happens to slow me down, I get distracted by a situation and someone just plain ruins my day. There are times in my life where I have grown for weeks and months and then that set back. What do you do with that set back? Maybe sit around saying "Woe is me"? Throw myself one giant pity party? No, I catch my breath. After a sprint or a marathon runners are told not to collapse and fall to the ground. No, they are told to put there arms above their heads and breathe deeply. Refill your lungs and body with oxygen. Maybe you are there now. You need some rest. You need to catch your breath before you can run or walk again. Find the son again in your life and start growing again. Remember to go with God and go in peace this day.

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