Thursday, March 5, 2009


As many of you at Grace know, I live off of Ward rd. Many of you might not know that southbound Ward south of 150 is closed. They closed the lane many months ago to widen it. When finished it will be three lanes, one north, one south and one turning lane. What I find rather interesting is the number of people who see the signs that say "detour" or the massive amount of signs that block you from going south on Ward and still, yes still people go around the barriers and try and drive south. I have witnessed this a few times of the past few weeks. One in particular was at night. It was probably around 10:30 pm and the news was just finishing up. I noticed some car lights shining through the window and looked to see what was going on. There was a car driving south (in the northbound lane) on Ward. Somehow, someway they had missed the signs. No here is the really scary thing. What if someone who missed the signs then runs into someone who has seen the signs, knows the signs, has absolutely followed the signs? The lawbreaker collides with the lawful. There is a great line in the movie signs where one of the characters asks "Do you believe in miracles or coincidence?" Where some people see signs and miracles others just see randomness or coincidence. God puts signs in our path for a reason. I see signs all over. Some of these signs lead us into ministry or mission. Some of the most profound signs come when we have quieted down and listened to God. Signs for me have come at church camp, in prayer, in Bible study, in conversation with others and sometimes they come after a series of events have lead me to a new understanding of something. I believe that God speaks to us every day. But sadly, many of us either quit listening or just ignore the signs. Today is a beautiful day here in Lee's Summit. Please spend some time with God in the beauty of this day. Go in peace and go with God.

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