Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayers Lifted Up

Last night we had a prayer service. Several faithful Christians from Grace gathered together to pray for family, friends and neighbors who are in need of prayer. There were numerous requests about loved ones with cancer, many struggling with loss and others needing to find direction. We shared time in prayer and meditation. We read from Matthew 5.
Never did I believe I would quote this book from seminary, but I did.
"Progress in any area of our lives depends upon taking responsibility for ourselves before God."
To Pray and To Love by Roberta Bondi, pg. 108
It's true though. If we want to grow we need to begin to take responsibility for our lives, and for us last night, we focused on our spiritual disciplines. John Wesley would call them "works of piety". He listed prayer, Bible study, receiving Communion and fasting. Others might include journaling, worship, fellowship, stewardship, service and evangelism.
As I write I move back to prayer. We pray for those who need healing. We pray for those who struggle with life. We pray for those who need direction. And we pray for all those who are lost and need to find Him.
Spend a few moments in prayer today for all those you know who need your prayers.
Go in peace and go with God.

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