Saturday, March 14, 2009


I believe good things will happen for me. I expect it. As a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ we should all expect to have the favor of God with us. That does not mean I expect to win the lottery, no way. I expect that God continually works for His good in my life. Through prayer and Bible study we learn the ways of God. The stories enlighten us as we make our way through daily life. My decisions are shaped by my relationship with Christ. John Wesley had an idea of how to make better choices in life. When making a choice, we should consider
What does Scripture tell me?
How does my choice reflect in the Tradition of the church?
Through my learned knowledge, I can Reason the choices out.
What has previous Experience taught me?
I expect that on Sunday I will experience the presence of God in my life in a deeply profound way. I expect that others will also experience God. Some will rededicate their lives to Christ. Some will be seeking a word or two of comfort. Others are looking for inspiration. The task ahead of all Christians will sometimes seem difficult (is that a big enough word?). Insurmountable? Never ending? But in all things, God will work for my good through Him. So, I expect that God will lead me down a path of righteousness and I also expect to experience great joy on the journey. What do you expect of God and what does God expect of you? Go in peace and go with God. See you in church.

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