Thursday, March 26, 2009


People are excited here at Grace. What a wonderful day filled with hope and joy. Over the past few weeks preparations have been made and a large group of people are fired up and ready to go! Yes that is right, the preschool carnival is tonight. There is a buzz among the kids today, looking forward to a lot of fun. There will be two moonwalks, cotton candy and other fun games!!! What more could anyone want?!? And of course Sunday is our Celebration Sunday for the end of the Building Campaign. It has gone extremely well and we are all very pleased...and excited. One service on Sunday and then brunch afterwards. Hopefully you can be here for the joyous occasion. I'm excited and a little nervous. This is a big, well, HUGE step for Grace to take into a new direction. If you call Grace your home, let us know if you are coming this weekend. And come join the fun. Go in peace and go with God.

p.s. Go KU!

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