Monday, March 9, 2009

Camp and Scholarships

The deadline for camp scholarships here at Grace is March 15th. Please pick up a form in the main office. The scholarships are for Grace children and youth that are attending Camp Galilee this summer. The two scholarships available are: Heartland Districts Golf Tournament Scholarship and Grace Student Ministries Scholarship. There are also scholarships available through the district (743-9098).
We held our first camp leadership team meeting yesterday and our directors and leaders are really fired up. Our week of camp is July 6-11th. We have several new leaders in place for this year, and of course, many of the same faithful, wacky and fun counselors will be returning. This year we are going with the theme "Time To Grow" and every day we will talk about different aspects of our faith journey and how we can grow as disciples. Please pray for our week of camp, and Camp Galilee. Thank you to Lee and Stephanie Smith for stepping up and helping lead camp this summer. We hope and pray that we have another amazing year. You may sign up for camp at Go in peace and go with God.

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