Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Is All Around

Today was a beautiful day. It was sunny and the temperature started out cold, but it turned into a fairly mild day. I encountered a guy at the store who had been helped by a stranger earlier in the day and he handed me a $2 coupon for the dozen roses I bought for Jill. He said, "hey, somebody helped me, now I am helping you. Pay it forward." I thanked him and will probably never see him again. I have a circle of people that I regularly encounter. Church people, family, friends, acquaintances, people I see around town, etc. In that circle of relationships some folks are happy, some sad, some worried, some overjoyed. Valentine's Day is a day we are supposed to spend with our true love, a soulmate. I feel blessed to have Jill (my wife) in my life. As I think about the numerous people in my life I thank God that I am connected to so many good people. I care about my friends and family. But Jesus asks us to care not for just our friends and family, he asks us to care and love our neighbor. No, not just the family that lives next to you, your neighbor. Who is my neighbor a young man asked Jesus once...well, anyone in need, someone in your path, and usually, it's a stranger. This morning, a complete stranger, someone I have never met handed me coupon to help me save some money. Did I need it, probably not. Was it welcomed and did it brighten my day, YES! I ask you this day, the next and many more, that each one of us would consider doing something nice for our family, friends and THE STRANGER. You never know who is having a tough day and you never know who really needs $2.00. Go in peace and go with God and Happy Valentine's Day!

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