Monday, February 9, 2009

Lord of the Dance

During our traditional service this past week we sang "Lord of the Dance." It's a beautiful song that we rarely sing because by some, it is really not "traditional" enough. Maybe that is because it was written after 1960. Not sure what traditional means these days, but we did sing it. And a few of the words really got to me this weekend. Verse three says, "I danced on the sabbath when I cured the lame, the holy people said it was a shame, they whipped and stripped and they hung me high; and they left me there on a cross to die." I don't know why, but that verse really got me choked up this past Sunday. Maybe the directness that God's holy people sometimes are unable to hear or see God at work because it does not fit into our preconceived ideas about Him. Jesus came into this world and challenged the status quo. He challenged assumptions, Scriptural interpretations, societal norms and just about every view of the religious world. God came to the world to die for humanity. His example of sacrifice and service stunned the world at the time. God's were removed, far away, unknowable and not personal. In Dan Kimball's book "They like Jesus but not the church" he talks about where churches have gone wrong. Instead of standing for something, we stand against things. The teachings of Jesus are simple. Love God, Love your neighbor. Don't judge unless you want to be judged. He hung out with people on the margins of society. To a younger generation who are seeking to know God more, the church sometimes seems like an institution of moral watchers than a group of do gooders. Who do we need to reach out to and who should be sharing the love of Jesus Christ with? Hopefully when the Lord of the dance is with us we see Him, hear Him and follow Him. Go in peace and go with God.

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