Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was reading a wonderful book the other day "The Cabin: Away From It All" by C.W. Gusewelle. In the book the author describes a tale of his family cabin and the land surround. There are lively characters and beautiful woods all around this small cabin in the woods. If you have ever lived in the country you know this already, but he describes that the opportunity to purchase land near your own land comes up for sale every now and then. Although usually when approaching someone about purchasing their land before it's for sale the answer is always a "no, never". But as with most things, feelings change. The land is a mix of beautiful trees and other splendid displays of nature. The perfect addition for the Gusewelle family land. So, he is able to sign a contract on the land near his cabin. The sellers are moving away and have signed the contract. A week before the closing date, Gusewelle says that "thieves", a loose term, come in a clear cut and strip the land of almost all trees. A sad thing to be sure. It would take years, decades for those trees to come back. It seemed that he had been HAD by the neighbors. Of course, the lawyer stated something to the effect of, "take it or leave it, as is." Now, who knows how you come down on this but it's pretty clear to me that the owners, the sellers knew the reason the C. W. was buying the land. In this, I feel the sellers did the buyer an injustice. Essentially, they signed the contract with the knowledge of what they were going to do. Not only did they sell their land and make money, but they probably also sold all the trees to make money. How many times has someone pulled a fast one on you? Got the best of you? It's interesting C. W. response in the book. I fear most would broadcast the name of the seller, forever staining their name as swindlers. But no, he did not mention their name. They have long since passed and with time, I assume most wounds of the ego are healed. So how would we respond to such activity? Hopefully we would do so with grace, mercy and love. Go in peace and go with God.

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