Saturday, February 7, 2009

The End of Fact

In their 2009 predictions for trends in marketing, Leo Burnett identified a trend that has been coming now these past few years. It's called "The End of Fact". They said, "perceived wisdom now changes on a daily basis. This year expect more contradictory opinions and diverse solutions being presented as definitive. In the future we will cherry pick what constitutes fact. It will be the model equivalent of the hypochondriac with the medical textbook." In other words, your opinion may not be a proven fact, but since it is perceived as fact by you, especially if you are able to broadcast is loud enough, then you are right. The world becomes more gray as lines of truth collide not in historical or empirical fact, but in perception. In a post modern age of electronic communication, truth and facts might not matter that much to the person who is able to help shape the perception. This is not new by any means. Politicians have been doing this since the beginning of time. What IS new, is how fast that perception can be and is changed due to the the speed of conveyance. In other words, something you believed yesterday could and might be changed tomorrow...and you yourself may be more easily swayed by new forms of communication. So what I know as fact today will probably not be fact in a year as perceptions change. The reality of this means that change is happening at such a rate, the church is no longer 30-50 years behind society in adapatation of communicating the Gospel. We will be one hundred years behind if we don't start utilizing the newest and best tools for commnicating a timeless message in a timely fashion. Check out the 2009 trends here. As always, go in peace and go with God.

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