Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack

As many of you already know, I caught that stuff that knocks you down for about a week and keeps you coughing for another three. Not a great week at the Vickers home, as Jill had it first, then I had it. I fully expect to come home to see Rheau coughing and hacking too. So after visiting the new Emergent Care place here in Lee's Summit, I was loaded up with meds, inhaler and some really delicious cough medicine. I worked from home for a few days trying to gear up for church on Sunday. Lost my voice on Thursday/Friday. It came back again slowly, but I came to the realization that if I was going to get better and actually function at work then I would need to take a Sunday off. If you read the last post then you know, I don't do well taking days off. Never have. Just not in my nature. I have gotten better at it after getting married, but it's still tough. If I am not working, I am thinking about what I need to be doing, except for last week. So last week being sick was not easy. I learned a few things while I was off for a few days and here is a brief list of those wonderful thoughts that swam through the fog of meds.
1. You can only watch Sportscenter about 3 times a day before you start talking like those guys.
2. There is nothing on TV during the day worth watching.
3. Bridezillas could be the worst and best show of all time.
4. Cable news is a wasteland of fear, sensationalism and breaking snooze.
5. I can now forecast the weather for the next 3 days just as well as Leezak, Busby and Horner.
6. It's hard to read when you cough every five minutes.
7. It's hard to sleep when you cough every five minutes.
8. I love my job.
9. My body does need rest every now and then.
10. It's great being married (already knew that, but thought I would throw that in)

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