Monday, January 12, 2009

Vows, Covenants and Promises- For Better, For Worse

As many of you know, we started a sermon series on marriage the first Sunday of the New Year. This week we covered the second vow in the marriage vows "For Better, For Worse". Hopefully it's easy to remember the "for better" times in your marriage. For better describes the wonderful experiences, the joy filled times that you and your spouse have gone through. Whether you have been married a few months or 75 years, you probably already have some great stories to share. There is a street near downtown Kansas City that is notorious for having lots of potholes. The city works and works, but the road is rather rough. When I lived in the City I would avoid this road. At the time I drove a small sedan and every time I would hit that pothole it would rattle my car. Even though it was a regular road that I had to travel on I finally decided to take another route. So many couples in marriage feel like the "for worse" seems to be a rocky road they travel on all too often. For worse means that you will stick it out during the rough spots, the tough times. If you are going through a tough time right now in your marriage, talk to someone. Find a good marriage counselor, talk to your pastor or some other trusted Christian friends. Talk to some people who have been married for at least 20 years. They might know a thing or two about longevity in marriage. All in all, you made a vow and under God to be there during the good times and the bad. Be there for each other and work out your struggles. Do not let a small argument or disagreement turn into years of frustration and anger. Pray and read your Bible together. Go in peace and go with God.

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