Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ummm, it's cold here

So its cold. No, its frigid. Actually, we are in the middle of some crazy artic front that has descended from the great north. The windchill is -20 here in good ole Kansas City. I mentioned on Sunday that cold is like sin and we have to insulate ourselves from it. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of sin. And not a big fan of cold. I love November and December as we move from fall to winter and the temperature drops, we light our fireplaces and enjoy being out in a winter wonderland. Around mid January early February our beautiful wonderland turns into a frigid, bitter and icy cold tundra of bleakness. Yes, again, not a big fan of the cold. One thing the cold does is make me grumpy. Alright, I become grumpy in the cold. I don't bound out of bed in the morning for face the day during this time of the year, it's more of a slowly emerge from under the covers like a giant whale breaking the surface of the water. Yeah, its cold. Whether it's the cold or something else, I'm sure there are things in our lives that make us grumpy or frustrated. So, what do you do? Weather the storm? Or just walk around in a stupor? Even thought I deplore the cold weather, I will venture out and try and enjoy the day. God has given all of us so many blessings and joys, it's selfish to be grumpy with some of the minor circumstances that go on around us. So yes, I do not enjoy really cold weather, but I do enjoy healthy relationships with family, friends and the church. Stay warm and go in peace and go with God.

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