Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Transition and Change

Today millions witnessed the peaceful transition of power that has marked the Presidency of the United States for over 200 years. George Washington handed over the Presidency to John Adams peacefully, and now we see George W. Bush hand over the Presidency to Barack Obama. We live in a country where many days in Washington the language used against political opponents sinks to a level that does not honor anyone but the speaker, and yet today, the language is large, robust and honors the tradition of sacrifice, patriotism and freedom that has been so precious to this country. Rev. Rick Warren's invocation was amazing, as was Rev. Joseph Lowery's beautiful benediction. The bookends as you will to a brilliant and eloquent Inauguration. Clothe yourselves in prayer and in the Spirit of God as you faithfully endeavor to seek Him throughout your days. May the God of peace and hope remind us to walk humbly all the days of our lives so that we may follow obediently the purpose God has placed on our hearts. Go in peace and go with God and praise God for the peace exeperienced this day.

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