Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year

Happy New Year...a few days late. How long can you say "Happy New Year?" Just one day? For a few days? The first time you see someone in the New Year? Who knows. I just keep saying it until people start to look at me funny. That happens all too often I fear. But Happy New Year anyway. I heard this year that the top two New Year's resolutions are: Losing Weight and Spending more time with family and friends. The second one actually is gaining on the first. Meaning, that the focus of losing weight (personal satisfaction) might actually be losing to the building of healthy relationships with others (altruism). That is a pretty big deal when just about every social theorists is rekindling the fires of narcissism in a culture that has I-pods, My-Space, etc. Maybe facebook (social networking site) is helping a bit. Keeping us better connected by knowing what is going on in someones life, especially with some making hourly updates to their status. As we begin the New Year I hope you are able to look back over the year and say, ya know, I made a difference for the better in this world. And maybe, you can look forward to making a bigger difference this next year. I resolve to deepen my faith through different forms of prayer, I resolve to get healthier through exercise and diet, to be more intentional about being in conversations instead of being so busy, to finish writing one of the five books and novels I have sitting on my desktop and finally, I hope to give more, serve more and love more.

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