Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Good Night Sleep

It may have taken several years, but I finally have learned the benefit of a good night sleep. That may sound silly to some, but did you know that nearly 50% of Americans struggle getting 6-8 hours every night. So half of us are walking around dead tired and cranky. So we fill our bodies with caffeine through Dr. Pepper and high priced coffee. Is that really the way it is supposed to be? A few years ago I gave up most forms of caffeine for approximately 6 months. After the first few weeks I started feeling better, stronger, healthier and much more relaxed. It was a good time, but for some reason, I decided my endeavor was over and I would go back to drinking Dr. Pepper (never coffee, as I said the other day, coffee tastes like dirt to me- acquired taste I heard). Anyway, when we are juicing up our hearts and minds with so much caffeine to make it through the day, it's tough to wind down at night. If you are experiencing stress (check my post yesterday) looking at the factors that feed into can help you find some peace. Sometimes we cannot remove the factors, so then what? Well, a good night sleep, 6-8 hours can do wonders. A peaceful night of rest will clear your mind and whatever you were worrying about yesterday will hopefully not be a big challenge anymore. If you are carrying a big weight on your shoulders every day, so big that you need to talk, give the church a call. Let us know what is going on so that you are not going it alone. Enjoy this beautiful and rather brisk day and go in peace and go with God.

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