Monday, December 29, 2008

Feeling Wabbly

As we arrived at my parents for Christmas I remarked to Jill that my truck felt a little "off". It seemed to be wabbling? After we arrived I checked the tires and everything seemed fine. Maybe it was the huge load of presents, food and other stuff we had in the back. We parked the truck for a few days at home and honestly, I completely forgot about the wabbliness of my truck. Friday we drove up to my sister's house and I noticed it again. With snow, sleet and rain moving in and no cover on the back of the truck, we headed back for home. As we drove the wabble appeared again. We arrived home safely and as we unloaded Jill noticed a hissing sound. I said, "Oh trucks always do that after you park them." (like I have any idea what I am talking about) After some discussion I finally went down to hear a rather loud hissing and gurgling sound. It was not just the sound of the engine cooling off. We located where the sound was coming from. The back passenger tire was slowing going flat. This was flat #5 for this kind of tire. So, after a visit from AAA I finally came to the conclusion that it was time to purchase a new set of tires. I was tired of replacing these rather cheap factory tires. As I inspected the bad tire I noticed a chunk of the tire was missing. My guess is that chunk is what was making the tire wabble and thank God that we only had a flat tire instead of something much worse while we were driving. Now, I am waiting to receive the brand new set of All Terrain 6 ply tires. I am praying for no flats and a smooth ride ;0)
So, note to self- If you think something is wrong, you are feeling a little wabbly, don't just trust yourself to figure out the problem. Talk to someone else and ask them to help. With a fresh set of eyes, they might be able to see something you missed. Go in peace and go with God.

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