Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stuff head

Today my head is rather stuffy. It could be a cold or maybe something worse like the flu/virus. Not sure, but I'm stuffed up. I am not a big fan of medicine, as many of my gender are not. I don't go to the doctor unless it is greatly needed. I've tried numerous solutions to a stuff head, but it never seems to be the same. I usually go with the idea of feeding a cold or the flu. Since I don't know which, I just eat. And I try and eat and sleep. Usually in a few days I am feeling better. Most of us probably eat too much and don't sleep enough. God designed our bodies such that we require a certain amount of food, which creates energy to sustain us for only so long until we need to sleep. When you are running on empty and push your heart, mind and soul beyond the point of health, we usually end up sick and grumpy. Being a good steward of my time and energy seems to be a constant struggle. I want to do so many good things every day but many days I am limited by how much time I have to spend on certain things, and when I am running on empty, my energy runs low. Do me a favor this week. Slow down a bit. Look around and take this glorious creation God has given us. None of us spend enough time doing that these days. Pray for guidance, peace and please pray for some rest for our weary souls. Recharge your system and get to doing the Lord's work. Go in peace and go with God.

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