Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the Celebration Begin

Yes, that's right. I said it. Let the Celebration begin. Are you not excited? I was so excited last night. Why was I excited? Because, we can all rejoice that the Presidential, House, Senate and every other political contest is over which means an end to negative campaign adds for at least the next year. No I am not endorsing any political candidates, and I probably never will. That is not my role. I am a UM Pastor and called to serve the church. I preach, teach, serve and share God's Word in this world. We make disciples here by connecting people to God and neighbor. We are to shine brightly for the non-churched, once-churched and badly churched. I'm sure some of you were very happy about last night and some were rather disappointed. So I am happy and sad for you. The media if fond of watching what the new President will do in his/her first 100 days. I'm curious what you (we) will do with the next 100 days here at Grace. Will we successfully complete our LSSS toy drive, serve a meal at Restart, meet our mission commitments for the year, experience wonderful worship services, joyously gather at the Thanksgiving Dinner, celebrate Christmas with love in our hearts at our Children's Program, Preschool Program, Choir Cantata, Christmas Eve services, ring in the New Year with hope, strengthen our church through the beginnings of a capital campaign, reach out to the least, the last and the lost, and bring joy and comfort to all we encounter?
No one can make us do these things. We have to choose for ourselves what we are going to do these next 100 days.
February 13th is roughly 100 days from now. How will you spend your time?

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