Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Has Fall fallen? It sure seems like a perfect fall day today. It's cloudy, a bit rainy and of course, crisp and cool. We are so blessed to live in a part of the world where we get to experience the changing of all four seasons. Wow. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Of course, for many of us there are other seasons that make us smile...like football season, baseball season and maybe for some, the first perfect golf day in March or April. As fall is upon us and the weather is changing we see God's creation at work. The trees shed their leaves and get ready for winter, we probably should be mindful of the things we need to be ready for in our own lives. Being prepared for change is never easy, but change does happen. Are you looking forward to any big changes in your life? I suggest spending a few moments every day praying and thinking about how you can make a positive change in this world. We heard on Sunday that numerous food pantries are running low and it seems they are starting to fill up again. A call went out to many churches and we answered. What might be the next thing we need to stand up for and help out with this month? Enjoy the fall colors, the cool weather, take a walk with your spouse or a friend and go in peace and go with God.

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