Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Chill in the Air

There is a chill in the air this morning. Some are sad to see the warm weather go, but not me. I enjoy the fall. It's not my favorite season, but hey, the leaves are changing, and snow can't be that far off. Some people allow the weather to adversely impact their mood. Sometimes when it gets cold, people get mean and nasty. Just because it's cold out does not mean it gives license to walk around in a funk. It may be cold outside, but you don't need to let your soul become cold. God is alive and at work and your soul should be warm, caring and loving. Over the past few days I have seen a few vehicle accidents. One was near the church (check out the marks in the front yard) and one was near my home. Both were accidents or mistakes. I don't think anyone intentionally sets out to leave school or home and get into an accident. They are mistakes. The person did not intentionally wreck. Now, it may have been because of carelessness, and if it doesn't personally impact you then we give lots of grace. Has someone cause you harm in some way recently? Was it intentional? Did they mean to harm you? Whether it was intentional or a mistake, we are called to rise above the earthly response and respond with grace, mercy and love. That is a hard lesson for some. I'm not talking about serious issues of abuse, that would be a whole other post. I'm talking about someone speaking poorly of you, spilling paint in the garage or saying something that was offense to you. It may be cold out side, don't let it get into your soul. Wrap up in that warm sweater of the Holy Spirit and give people some of the grace you have been give. Go in peace and go with God.

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