Monday, September 22, 2008


Have you hit the panic button lately? I have a Hoops and Yoyo panic button on my desk. You are supposed to hit it when you are feeling stressed and it is supposed to make you laugh. It does. It tells me to "stay calm, stay calm, PANIC!" Last week we saw Wall Street panic. There were buying frenzies, selling frenzies, every kind of panic frenzy possible. The worst situation since the 1920's some said. Of course, everyone is looking for someone to blame. Do you blame the companies, the politicians, CEO's, day traders....who is to blame? I heard one person say the other day that everyone was to blame. And mainly, they are all to blame because of greed. Greed for money, power, wealth and influence. Those are mighty powerful temptations to humanity. They pull many the faithful and loving person down a road of sadness and hurt. Panic can drive us to make hasty and bad decisions. Greed can change our focus from serving God to serving ourselves. Yes, the markets are doing poorly. Yes, 5% of mortgages are going under. Yes, this could be the worst situation since the 1920's, but we know that God is our shelter during the storms of life. If you feel you are hitting the panic button a little too much lately, take a few moments to spend some quiet time with God. Let go of your busy and hurried day. Rest in Him and I know you will feel better. If you have a friend that is walking down a bad road, call them, check on them. Let them know you care and are here for them.

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