Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Best To God

Do I give my best to God? That is tough question to answer for many of us. I kinda sorta think I give my best to God. I certainly try and do my best. A friend related to me a story about a family in their church. Every Monday this young couple would go over to one of their parents house for leftovers. Every week their retired parents will take all the leftovers from Fri-Sun and heat them up and serve them to any of their kids and grandkids that want to show up. Sometimes the whole family shows up, sometimes it's just the retired couple. Sounds like a good way to use up whatever is left so that it does not go to waste. It was remarked one time that the Friday stuff is sometimes not that great compared to the Sunday stuff. In the world of the church, Friday was the day that Jesus was crucified, and Sunday is the day of resurrection. Most of us would agree, it's much more joyful and lifegiving to live a Sunday resurrected faith. But many of us live on the Fridays. A day of darkness and sadness. We mope around as if the weight of the world is on our shoulders and the world is against us. Let's enjoy a Sunday faith. Meet the week with the joy of the resurrection and please give your best to God. Imagine if you invited Jesus over the dinner. Would you serve him leftovers? I hope not. We would do our best to prepare a wonderful meal in honor of him. I do however like the idea of never wasting anything. Families gathering together weekly is a wonderful experience. Whether you serve leftovers or a great homecooked fresh meal, enjoy your time together. And give your best to God.

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