Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We all need friends. Friends are those people who are honest with us, there for us during good and bad times and they challenge us when we are getting ahead of ourselves. Just the other day a good friend called on me for some help. They were in a place they did not expect to find themselves. A decision was immanent and they needed some guidance. I was able to drop what I was doing and help them through their tough time. It's not always easy to drop what you are doing. I had a rather hectic and busy week and fortunately I had finished a lot of my work early so I was able to make time. Time so easily gets away from us these days. Commitments with work, family, church, school, sports, etc...fill our calendars. There have been moments when I was unable to take the adequate time to spend with a friend in need. Those days I feel very guilty that I was not there for someone. So, the days when I can be there, I rejoice all the more as do they when they can receive my full attention. I've called on friends during times of need and sometimes they are not available. But when they are, it makes the situation I am facing seem less overwhelming. Are you the type of friend that is there for people in need? Or, are you the one that is always in need? Do you push the limits with people because it's all about you? As you spend some quiet time in reflection this week consider who you have help in the past few weeks. I know we are all busy but I also know how valuable and loved someone can feel when we make time for them.

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