Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Changes sometimes leads to tears

Well, Sonshine Preschool started today and we rejoice at the sounds of children back in the building during the week. Running, playing, learning and yes, crying. There are more than a few little ones whose routines have been changed and they are upset and they are letting us all know it. Our Preschool rooms are full again, what a wonderful blessing the teachers and leadership are to the church and community. School is back in session and the summer vacation is over. Yes, Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer. So it's time for all of those Christians who have taken the summer off from their faith to find their way back into church. We get into our school year routines, the temperatures slowly drop, the leaves begin to change and our attention turns from taking time off to getting things done. We long for those warm summer days again. We miss all those wonderful outdoor adventures, picnics, bike rides etc. No it hasn't changed much out, but it just feels different. Change is a constant in the world. No matter how much we fight it, deplore it, ignore it, change happens. It's how we deal with the changes in the world that bring us joy or sadness. I can choose to dwell on the fact that summer is over, or I can make the most of every day that God has given me. I could say that the crying during preschool hours will get to me over the next few weeks (and it will), or I could cheer that our Sonshine ministry is amazing and is a true blessing from God. I don't always enjoy "embracing" change, in fact, most changes that I do not institute or agree with in this world are difficult to stomach. My family loves to eat Mexican food. Tacos, enchiladas, etc. Approximately 1/5 of my home town was Hispanic, so my youth was spent eating some of the best burritos ever, A few years ago Old El Paso salsa changed their recipe. I did not like the change, so I switched to Pace because it tasted like the "Old" Old El Paso. Labor Day we were home and I found out that my sister had changed also. We grew upon Old El Paso and she had switched to Pace. It's strange how changes in the world can impact a family. Are you dwelling on a change that has impacted you in a negative way? Some changes are small (new salsa), some things you have to just deal with (the crying) and others, you need to surround yourself with the most loving bunch of people you can find because they will be there for you during the small and big changes.

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