Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chapter 12

Chapter 12- Positioning Ourselves for Explosive Growth
Well, this is that last chapter and it's rather sparse. Essentially, they are advertising their next book "Go Big with Small Groups". Not a bad book, but this one is much better. As many of you reflect on the Go Big discussion there are few cautions to us all. First, there can be a feeling for some that when we talk about numbers that we are taking our focus off of God's purposes and turning the church into a business. I have felt this way myself sometimes. It is a true caution that all of us must re-evaluate every now and then why we do what we do and how we go about the task of ministry. When we hear pastors discussing numbers and with a great focus on numbers and effectiveness in our conference, it can be unerving to feel that it's a numbers game. Folks, as for me and my house, and hopefully all our houses, there is something profound, holy and eternal behind all those numbers and that is the numerous changed lives of the lost and far from God. To focus on effectiveness and how to achieve our goals is Biblical. Paul's letters outline how to help struggling churches get back on the right track. Sometimes it was poor leadership, cultural problems, conflict between members or a number of other issues. Basically what it comes down to is trying to utilize the resources that God has given us to make the biggest impact possible to as many people as possible. We are told to go therefore to all nations (all people), not just some, not just the ones we know, not just enough to fill our sanctuary...ALL PEOPLE, everyone. Our passion for reaching the lost is built into the Christian DNA. Check your faith, see where you are struggling and get out there and if you are going to go, GO BIG!

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