Monday, June 30, 2008

Anna and the Samaritan Woman

Here we are....two more extraordinary women of the Bible. Anna is seen in just a few short verses in the Jesus birth narrative in the Gospel of Luke. The Samaritan woman is found in chapter 4 of the Gospel of John. There is a strange symmetry between this two women. It can be found in their heritage and ancestry. Anna is part of a tribe of people who long ago abandoned the true followers of God. They were subsequently conquered around 722 bc by the Assyrians. The Samaritans were not supposed to associate with Jews because long ago they had intermarried with others outside of their religion. Both groups had left in some way the true path God has placed before them, and for years they suffered the consequences.
Where is your soul these days? Are you suffering because of some bad choices you made? Well here is the good news, WE ALL GET SECOND CHANCES. Anna, a widower living in the temple is a witness to a blessing from Simeon, and she chimes in...and in her old age is able to witness the Savior. The Samaritan Woman, even with all of her sin, is able to hear Jesus Christ reveal himself as the Savior. She then tells everyone she knows and encounters about this Jesus who knew all of her sins. We all get second chances. Those second chances come a lot quicker if we are seeking after the Lord.

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