Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5- Double Your Vision
Here we see the Bill's sharing the 5 Keys to Explosive Growth
*Lead as if your church is twice it's size
*Ask for explosive growth to happen and position yourself for it to happen
*Bring in lots of new people from outside your church
*Retain the lion's share of those new people
*Equip and motivate the new people to invite their networks
Sounds pretty simple, but if it's simple, why do 80% of UM churches in Missouri decline in attendance every year?
Ways to reach people outside of the church-
#1 Word of Mouth #2 Direct Mail #3 TV, Cable #4 Web Sites #5 Radio #6 Newspaper
Out of all of those other than #1 because it's overly obvious, which one works the best in the Lee's Summit area?
One of the things that I do is call every visitor who signs in and gives us their phone number. Most people are happily suprised when I call. We have added services these past few years, and both of them are effectively reaching people within our walls, now it's time to reach those outside of our walls, which we have plans in place to do that in August. As you read through this chapter, what things come to mind in regard to our size of church...oh, right now we are worshipping around 330 and close to 600 members. Is there something burning in your heart to reach out to those who are far from God? What is one thing you would like to see the laity of the church do more of?
Chapter 6- Preparing to Break the Growth Barriers
First of all, do you agree with the growth barriers (200, 500, 750, 1000, 1500)? Alot of this chapter focuses on developing a team of leaders working toward the same goal. As they do that, we begin to watch the moving averages..and if you look at the 9:15 am service, you see that many Sundays we are 80% full. At the end of this chapter, they share a few areas for us to focus on. As you have been apart of Grace and seen the growth over these past few years, have you sensed a need to grow in your own spiritual walk? And, if the church were to double in the next year, what would you miss and what would you rejoice in?

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Diane said...

I would lean towards a targeted campaign focused on folks who had some likelyhood of attending. So either a very handsomely done direct mail piece or a newspaper ad. TV, radio etc would market the entire metro area.

I would also look for ways for the church to increase it's presence in the LS community. We might also think of something BIG that would attract families, and that would seem very easy to invite our friends and neighbors too. "Our church is doing this thing that sounds fun on Saturday would you like to come."