Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Time Together

It is my hope that over these next few weeks that all of you will have the opportunity to read through the Go Big book and share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of us through commenting on the posts. Here is our framework.

Mar 2- 8 - Read and comment on Intro, Chapters 1 and 2
Mar 9-15- Read and comment on Chapters 3-5
March 23-29- Read and comment on Chapters 6-8
March 30-April 5- Read and comment on Chapters 9-10
April 6-12- Read and comment on Chapters 11-12

I will provide questions for the first few weeks, but hopefully as you become accustomed to checking the blog and looking for new comments that you will all generate your own discussions.
Hopefully, this will be fruitful and help all of us begin to understand how helpful this medium can be for our church. Peace, Jeremy

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome to our Go Big discussion

Many of us at Grace are reading through Go Big by Easum and Cornelius. I believe this book will help all of us better understand how we are geared toward growth in the Christian church. It's easy to stay the same and just serve the people who are here, but God has a huge vision and plan for this church. If we want to be apart of it, there are things that we need to be doing right now to set ourselves up for growth. As we journey through this book together, please prayerfully consider your role as we move forward. What is God calling you to do for Him and this church? And be sure to learn how to post comments on the blog, so that you can add your two cents (very valuable to all of us) as we endeavor to seek after God's vision.